10 Beautiful Locations for Your Destination Wedding

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As the cost of traditional weddings continuing to grow, more and more couples are considering opting for a destination wedding. Of course, the next logical question is going to be about the location. This article takes a look at 10 great places for a destination wedding.


1) Guatemala

 Guatemala is one of the better kept secrets for destination weddings. If you are considering Guatemala, look at the UNESCO World Heritage colonial city of Antigua and Lake Atitlan.


2) Franschhoek, South Africa

 Located 45 minutes from Cape Town, Franschhoek offers breath-taking views, world-class wineries, and a temperate climate. Best of all, the current exchange rate favors the US Dollar which makes South Africa an even more attractive wedding destination venue. 


3) Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

 The Dominican Republic's breath-taking natural scenery and hospitable people make it a prime wedding destination venue. 


4) Marrakech, Morocco

 Marrakech has been the chosen venue for many celebrities, and it's no wonder why - the architecture, greenery and golden light makes Marrakech one of the top most romantic destinations in the world. 


5) Colorado 

 Colorado offers the best of both worlds regarding a wedding destination - all the necessary amenities and services and breath-taking landscapes that are so beautifully diverse. From the Colorado Rockies to the Dunton Hot Springs, there's scenery and venues to match almost any couples desires. 


6) Ireland

 The Irish landscape is scattered with castles to cater for any couples dreams of a royal wedding, and the country is small enough for it to be smooth and manageable for your guests to explore after the wedding. 


7) Santa Barbara, California

 Santa Barbara caters for the couple who is looking for a beautiful view and an elegant, effortless and laid-back atmosphere. Santa Barbara holds host to a variety of activities for your guests to partake in, including hiking trail, wine tasting and many beaches to explore. 


8) San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

 Similar to Antigua, Guatemala, this UNESCO World Heritage site is a romantic and colonial wedding destination. The weather is temperate, the people are friendly, and there are a variety of unique venues from which to choose. 


9) Ischia, Italy

 Ischia is a volcanic island in the Gulf of Naples that could rival Capri with its natural beauty. As such, it a great choice for any wedding.


10) Phuket, Thailand

 Southeast Asia is one of the most affordable destination wedding venues in the world, and not much can rival its natural beauty. Thailand has a rich cultural and religious history, all of which you can have incorporated into your wedding. 


In reality, a destination wedding can take place just about anywhere on earth - it just depends on the preferences of the happy couple. However, by reviewing this list, you will have a great start on your research for your dream destination wedding.


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