5 Ways to Tell Your Man You Love Him (In His Language)

1. Make his thing your thing
Having separate interests is part of a healthy relationship, but straying occasionally into your guy's world can be a powerful way to show him what he means to you. Maybe you're an early riser and he's a night owl - ditch the morning routine and stay up late with him for a change. If he's an avid sports fan, accompany him to a game (and go the whole hog with face paint and a banner!) Get into his favorite band, try out that bar he loves, or read his number one book. Whatever it is that gets your guy stoked, he'll be doubly stoked to share it with you.
2. Let him talk - and listen
There are a hundred reasons to switch off when your man is talking. You've heard this story before, your phone's buzzing in your pocket, you have a thirty item to-do list running through your head... But feeling loved means feeling valued, and nothing says "I value you" you more than listening intently when your guy has something to share with you. Look him in the eye, follow what he's saying, and ask him questions if you need clarification. Your relationship will be energized as you take the time to really connect.
3. Have him teach you something
Maybe you've never considered learning guitar, leveling up on Super Mario or changing your own oil. Now's the time! Pick a skill you admire in your man and ask him to teach you. Choosing to learn from your beau will diffuse any unhealthy competition in your relationship and remind him you recognize and appreciate his talents. Plus, you might just come away with a new shared interest.
4. Add a tall boy to your grocery list
You're on grocery duty and you have a clear mission. Get in. Fill your cart with things that are quick, healthy, cheap. Get out. Believe it or not, this is the perfect opportunity to show your man some lovin'. Throw in something you don't normally have in stock but that you know he digs. Surprise him with a bag of those spicy sweet chili chips or a can of that locally brewed beer. He'll know you were thinking of him without you saying a word.
5. Ask his advice
Advice-sharing is a natural part of friendship but it's easy to neglect in intimate relationships. Getting your guy's input shows you value his opinions and recognize that you two come as a team. It can be as simple as getting his take on a situation at work or asking which shoes he'd pick for a night on the town. Show him his ideas matter to you and you'll show him he matters to you.



Content Author: Charlotte Victoria

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