Hot Wedding Trends for 2019

Newly engaged couples must look no further. From bridal colors to reception area décor, here are the hottest wedding trends for 2019.


Bright and Bold Hues

 2019 sees a definitive shift away from conventional whites and frothy creams. Everything from wedding bouquets, centerpiece blooms, bridesmaid dresses, and wedding gowns is expected to sport vivid hues. Snazzy metallic shades, reds, and pinks are going to be seen unapologetically gracing wedding aisles. And orange, orange is surprisingly the year's trendiest bridal color, and ways to integrate it include having orange accents in custom invitations and floral.


Eco-Friendly and Ethical

 The growing ecological consciousness finds itself in momentous events--an inspiring "trend" that people must find comfort in as it bodes hope and leads the quest for a meaningful life. Simple and flavorful menus are going to consist of fresh, ethically sourced, and sustainable ingredients, for example. Flowers and greenery that are in season or can be replanted are going to be big wedding trends in 2019. And plastics are nowhere to be found as zero-waste practices are going to be hits in weddings, too.



Drones and video mapping are working double time to capture the festive energy of weddings this year. Snapshots taken by drones are difficult to replicate in conventional wedding photography, so you might want to try incorporating a drone operator into your wedding plans.


Traditional Invitations

 Fancy and gimmicky invites belong to the yesteryears. Hand-illustrated wedding stationery is in. The distinctive hand-drawn motif then carries throughout the wedding--down to the guest-name labels on the reception tables.


Classic Bridal Wear

 Like in bespoke invites, the movement towards classic structures and styles is also seen in the wedding dress. Famously inspired by the gown worn by Meghan Markle when she tied the knot with Prince Harry, the year's favored wedding dress has clean minimalist lines and contains no embellishments.


Geometric Wedding Cakes

 The wedding cake of 2019 features unconventionally shaped tiers such as hexagons and pentagons. This wonderful angular confection can then use some sugarflowers or a sleek base carrying your signature color.


Low-Lying Florals

Flower arrangements on banquet tables are going to be low lying instead of the usual dramatic and tall centerpieces. This gorgeous trend of low-lying florals not only looks great on photos, they encourage conversation among your guests, too. With low-lying flower arrangements as reception décor, guests can see each other and therefore promote interaction.


Congratulations! And consider the above trends as starter guides for jumpstarting your creativity when planning the nitty-gritty of your upcoming wedding.


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