Thinking Of Eloping? 7 Ways To Go About It

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So you’re engaged, congratulations! Now it’s time to plan your wedding. If at this juncture, you’re considering eloping instead of having the traditional wedding ceremony, then you’re probably wondering what it takes to elope. Well, the first thing you should know is that while elopement may be more straightforward than traditional weddings, it also requires planning. Elopement really isn’t just about two people running off to sign marriage contracts. It’s an adventurous and romantic ceremony that involves just you and your partner.

For a guide on how to elope, check out this list below!

  1. Make an inspiration board

The first thing to do when planning an elopement is to choose what exactly you want. Eloping doesn’t take away the fact that you’re planning what’s to be one of the most special days of your life. Keep in mind that you can be as adventurous as possible because there are no limitations with elopements!

Your inspiration board should include location ideas, decorations, and a color theme. You can choose to wed on a beach, in the Grand Canyon, in the winter, or at the top of a mountain. Your board should also include whether you want a few close friends around or just you and your partner.

2. Work on a budget

Making a budget is important when planning an elopement. If you desire an extravagant elopement with lots of decorations, consider that when making a budget. And if you want a simple, minimalistic style, also put it into consideration. A budget will guide your spending to ensure you don’t empty your pockets.

A list of things you need to consider when making an elopement budget include venue fees, hair and makeup, ceremonial attire, rings, officiant, marriage license, décor, photography, travel and accommodation, food, and wedding planner. Once you make your list, carry out a research on how much each would cost.

  1. Choose your location

Now that you have a budget planned and an inspiration, sit down with your partner and choose exactly where you will be eloping. Do you want to go somewhere where you two have shared lovely memories? Or travel and explore a new location? Use this as a guide when selecting.

After choosing a list of appealing locations, look at your inspiration board, and decide on which is most fitting. While choosing, don’t forget that your elopement destination doesn’t necessarily have to be your honeymoon spot. You can choose a destination for your elopement and then a honeymoon location afterwards!

  1. Contact your vendors

To ensure your day goes smoothly, you need vendors. Look through your elopement plans and tick out what aspects will be easier with the aid of vendors. Even if your plans are very simple, you still need an officiant to wed you. You also need someone to document your day.

 To make this easier, look for elopement packages that provide reliable vendors with experience in planning elopements in your chosen location. After choosing your vendors, contact them, and share your vision.

  1. Choose your wedding attire

Your elopement venue should influence the style of your wedding attire. If it’s an outdoor wedding in a cool location, you want a concealing dress made with thick fabric. And if you desire a mountain top wedding, you probably should go for a short dress that will make hiking easier. Your location should also influence your choice of shoes and accessories.

When choosing your wedding attire, don’t forget that eloping gives you total freedom to choose any style of dress. So don’t be scared to think outside the box!

  1. Do the paperwork

A month before your elopement day, make out time to do all the paperwork. Book accommodations and complete travel arrangements, obtain your marriage license, and discuss fees. During this process, keep in mind that each state has different laws concerning marriage license so stay informed.

  1. Announce your elopement

Now that you’re finished planning your elopement, announce it to your friends and family. You can invite them over for dinner and share the news with them or take a more casual route with a BBQ. These ideas are also valid if you decide to inform them after the elopement.


Remember, elopements are meant to be fun and adventurous so approach it with that attitude!

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