3 Reasons Why You Need A Wedding Budget

Wedding Planning

It is all fun and games until the funds dry up; SET A BUDGET!!! Everyone loves the fun, the celebrating, and all the prettiness of a wedding, but no one wants to think about the budget and the numbers. One thing I can assure you, none of those things will be happening without any money. It does not have to be a very expensive budget, but setting your budget is a crucial first step to wedding planning. If you have no clue where to start, you can use the Wedding Wire budget tool and also follow these steps.

Top three reasons why a budget is so important:

  1. You Need To See the Big Picture

You want to be able to afford all that you need but knowing how much you can afford helps put things in perspective. All the things you thought you wanted may not seem so important anymore once the dollars start adding up, but you will not know that unless you HAVE A BUDGET!

  1. Everybody Will be on the Same Page

Most likely you and you alone are not going to be paying for the entire wedding. Setting a budget will help every person involved that is paying for the wedding be on the same page with the cost.

  1. Negotiations & Money Saving

When you have a budget, you can tell vendors right out the gate what you can afford. To your surprise some may work with you even if your budget is under their normal rate because you have a plan on how much you can spend. This gives vendors confidence of you closing the deal and paying on time.

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