What Is A Dyeable Wedding Shoe?

 A dyeable wedding shoe is basically a standard wedding shoe - with a twist.  Dyeable wedding shoes are typically made of a material such as silk or white satin that can be dyed to match the color scheme of your wedding.  They're the perfect way to add a unique, personal touch to your special day.


Can Any Style of Wedding Shoe Be Dyed?

In most cases, only wedding shoes made of certain materials can be dyed.  White wedding shoes stand the best chance of being dyeable, especially those made of silk or white satin.  Wedding shoes that have already been made in a color other than the one you want usually can't be changed, so it's best to do your research before you start the dyeing process.  Luckily, several top brands such as Kenneth Cole, Liz Rene Couture, Benjamin Adams and others sell wedding shoes that can be dyed.


How Should I Dye My Wedding Shoes?

To get the best overall color scheme at your wedding, it's recommended that you color the whole wedding group instead of just your maid of honor, for example.  Consistency of color will make the whole effect more pleasing to the eye.  Pay special attention to the lighting at the venue where your wedding will be held.  Indoor and outdoor lighting can cause colors to be seen very differently, so make sure you examine the lighting at the location of the ceremony as well as the reception if they happen to be at different locations.  When in doubt, experts recommend dyeing your shoes to match the lighting where your service will be held.


Who Can Dye My Wedding Shoes?

Many shoe repair shops and bridal salons are able to dye your wedding shoes.  Some bridal salons offer dyeing as part of their wedding shoe packages.  Ask the sales associate of the salon you visit if dyeing is available, and be sure to check reviews online to see how well customers have been satisfied with their work.

 You can also send your wedding shoes away to be dyed and returned back to you.  Several dyeing services can be found online in case you live in an area where wedding shoe dyeing isn't readily available.  Before shipping wedding shoes off to be dyed, be sure to provide the vendor all the information about your shoe to help avoid mistakes or your shoes being returned due to their inability to be dyed.


You Can Create The Perfect Wedding Shoes!

Having dyeable wedding shoes means you'll be able to add your special touch to your wedding masterpiece.  Do your research and pay attention to lighting, and you just might create the perfect accent to your perfect day.


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