Bridal Jumpsuits

NAK Design Studio focuses on giving every bride the options she deserves, the SanyahRose Bridal Jumpsuits are the perfect combination of elegance and party time. Our jumpsuits can be paired with our capes or overskirts to give you a look from a elegant formal ceremony look to a modern stylish reception look. 

Bridal Jumpsuit Collection

Nak Design Studio focuses on offering every bride the options she deserves. And those options include ultra-chic bridal jumpsuits. A bridal jumpsuit is perfect for brides that want a non-traditional look or just an outfit change for the reception. Our unique pieces can be customized with or without lace to give you the stylish modern look you’re after.

How to Style Bridal Jumpsuits

Wedding gowns are nice, right?  You feel like the most beautiful girl in the room. But no one tells you that after about an hour or so of wearing lace, beads, and tulle, that the wedding gown starts to feel heavy and cumbersome. Pretty soon the only thing you want to do at your own wedding is sit down. Not only that, you need assistance getting in and out of it.

With a bridal jumpsuit, however, you get to skip all that and just have fun. Follow the tips below for unique ways to style your bridal jumpsuit.

Wrap It with an Overskirt

One of our favorite combos to instantly make a bridal jumpsuit more elegant and formal is the overskirt. Overskirts are so so so chic! They glam up even the most casual attire and instantly give you that wow factor. 

If you want the elegance and flow of a skirt but the ease and comfort of pants, pairing an overskirt with a jumpsuit is the way to go. Overskirts also give the feel of a glamorous outfit change when you go from the ceremony to the reception. The possibilities really are endless. Your hair choice and accessories will go a long way to make this look graceful and sophisticated while keeping it sassy and modern at the same time.

Catch His Eye in a Bridal Jumpsuit with a Cape

Our (very close) second favorite way to style a bridal jumpsuit is with a cape. Capes breathe femininity and grace no matter how they are paired. They also add a bit of protection for your shoulders if you want to keep your look more modest or protect from the sun rays at your destination wedding. 

Similar to an overskirt, capes provide that flowy, feminine feel of a dress without all the work. Our Carmen Cape, found in our Bridal Separates Collection, pairs beautifully with any of our jumpsuits. Whether you like a more refined minimalist look or want to be a bit more expressive, we can customize your jumpsuit bodice to capture the feel you’re after.

Rock It Sexy or Casual

Finally, another way to style a bridal jumpsuit is simply to wear the bridal jumpsuit as is. Any jumpsuit in our collection of one-pieces can stand alone and will not disappoint. Bridal jumpsuits are great for a classic dinner party style wedding, an intimate ceremony, or as your backup party outfit. 

A bridal jumpsuit is so simple that your accessories determine how formal it becomes. If you’d like to be notified when we update our jumpsuit collection, join the NAK Design Studio newsletter today by subscribing below.