Bridal Separates

Create your own look with mix and match Bridal Separates. Various tops, skirts, overskirts, capes, and pants allows every bride to customize a look just as unique as she.

Bridal Separates Collection

Our bridal separates collection enables every bride to mix and match according to her own unique style. Each piece in our growing collection is designed with simplicity and elegance, making them easy to pair.

Bridal separates help you make a glamorous yet individualized statement on your wedding day. With overskirts, pants, capes, and bodices the possibilities are endless.

How to Choose the Right Bridal Separates

Choosing the right bridal separates can be tricky. In the best-case scenario, you find a top you love, then a skirt or pant you love, and voilà! They pair beautifully together. 

But on the more difficult side of the spectrum, you might pick two separates that are the same color but don’t match up stylistically. 

You could end up looking too casual for your wedding or not casual enough. Luckily, as we mentioned above, our separates are each designed to pair beautifully with each other and have you looking stylish no matter what you choose.

Follow the tips below to pick the best separates for your personal style:

Bridal Separates DO's

Bridal separates are a great choice for formal restaurant weddings or intimate ceremonies. Separates also help you design a sophisticated yet casual look that’s great for any style of party. Follow these bridal DOs when choosing the perfect bridal separates:

Check-in with yourself - The first place to search when choosing a wedding outfit is inside yourself. Choose bridal separates that fit your signature personality, style, and wedding theme. 

Choose one piece first - The sheer number of available pieces can feel overwhelming. To narrow down your options, select one piece, a top or a bottom, that fits your tastes. From there, you can find a matching top, accessories, and shoes built around that one piece. Also, try having an inspiration piece such as a veil or a pair of shoes that really speaks to you and, from there, build your bridal attire around it.

Choose a budget - Because they are styled for simplicity, people often mistake bridal separates as a less expensive alternative. Don’t make this mistake in your budget! Bridal separates are just as expertly crafted with full skirts and bodices. Create a budget for your bridal attire and conduct your search with that number in mind. Make sure to leave room for alterations and accessories.

Bridal Separates DON’Ts

Buying separates can feel a little overwhelming, especially when you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for. Follow these bridal DON’Ts when choosing the perfect bridal separates:

Don’t do what’s trendy - Your love and your wedding day are special. If you’ve spent any time online, you’re likely feeling overloaded with the latest fashion buzzwords, and trends. Brides can get easily swept into doing what’s popular only to discover the trend doesn’t reflect who they are or what they want. To find the wedding outfit that’s ‘the one’ always be true to yourself.

Don’t buy without an idea of what you’re looking for - It’s normal to not know what you’re looking for when buying your bridal attire. But to narrow down your choices, search through catalogs and collections before you shop in order to identify the style that most resonates with you. Doing so could save you money and time.

Don’t feel pressured to be traditional - If you’re checking out NAK Design Studio, we know you are anything but traditional. Friends and family may pressure you to get the bridal piece they like best, but remember this is your wedding day. Choose the piece you want to make memories in.

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