Essentials Collection

The Essentials Collection is the staple collection for our in house label SanyahRose. This collection has the basics needed to create a elegant yet modern bridal look. The collection is ever growing and changing. Currently, the collection consist of bridal tops and skirts. Be sure to sign up to keep up with our updates. We have bridal jumpsuits, pants, and overskirts on the way.

Modern & Elegant Wedding Outfits for Women

Our Essentials Collection includes our ever-evolving in-house label SanyahRose. This collection has all the essential elements to create a refined, sophisticated look. Because each bridal separate is classic and minimalist in design, they can be easily mixed and matched while remaining chic and beautiful. The collection is always growing and changing, so check back often for ladies wedding outfits. 

How to Choose Your Bridal Look 

Your wedding day is a special celebration of your unique love for one another. Your bridal attire should reflect that individual spirit within you. Unfortunately, there are thousands of wedding outfits for women to choose from and eventually they all seem to blur into a sea of glitter, beads, and lace. It doesn't matter if you're going for casual wedding attire or formal wedding attire, we have a look for everyone.

Use the tips below to discover how to choose the right bridal attire for your unique style:

Consider Wedding Location

Choosing an intimate ceremony opens up an array of options for where to host your wedding. An intimate ceremony also adds an extra element to think about when it comes to choosing your bridal attire. For example, indoor locations may have better temperature control and can be more forgiving if you choose a chic top like the Amanda Bridal Bodice.

For destination weddings, you may want to consider how the weather will affect your comfort level. A beautiful, yet simple top like the Emma Bridal Bodice paired with the Ella Bridal Skirt can deliver breathability, and comfort while still being stylish.

Think about Theme

The next important consideration is the theme of your wedding. Things like your colors, decor, flower choice, etc. are influenced by your wedding theme. A light-hearted beach wedding may call for something more casual than say a wedding in a rose garden or intimate venue. 

The Essentials Collection is uniquely designed with basics that fit almost any occasion! Choose between simple, straight lines, or flowing skirts and beaded lace. Mix and match for that wow factor you’re after.

Choose Your Unique Style

Of course, nothing matters if your wedding doesn’t fit you. It’s easy to get lost in planning the ceremony and deciding who to invite (or not invite). Your wedding is a celebration of your love and should reflect your authentic personality as a couple.

Choose a wedding outfit that reflects the same. Even if you’ve planned a scaled-down ceremony, when your attire reflects your inner beauty and individuality, you captivate a room and your lover’s attention.

Review Your Wedding Attire Budget

Finally, when it comes to finding the perfect bridal attire for your wedding, start with your budget. You want to leave room for shoes (check out our custom Bridal Shoes), accessories, and any alterations. 

Your budget can be the key to narrowing down your options and selecting the pieces that best reflect your inner beauty. 

Getting married can feel equally exciting and overwhelming. That’s why we’re here to help you sort through the most elegant wedding outfits for women to help you find “the one.”