About Us

What We Do

Hi! Welcome to NAK Design Studio. We cater to brides that want attire for an elopement, simple ceremony, destination wedding, courthouse ceremony, reception attire and the list goes on. Our collections are minimal in design but bold in style. The multifunctional & unique collection scan be mixed and matched to create your own individual look. Our collections consist of bridal jumpsuits, bridal separates (tops, skirts, pants), capes, and overskirts.


Who We Are

Nichole Kenner Harris

Founder & Creative Director

Hello there darling. I am Nichole Kenner Harris Founder and Creative Director of NAK Design Studio and it is story time. 

Around 2011 I was unemployed, part time Army cook and full time student, with a roommate that depended on me to pay my share of the bills. To this day I know it was nothing but God that got me through that period of my life. One night I literally stayed up after getting home from class to think of how I could create income or learn a skill that would help me to NEVER be in this position again. 

During my “Unemployment season” I found myself styling special events. I started with my younger brother and sister asking for my opinion on what to wear to prom. I loved the feeling I got from picking out colors schemes, matching shoes with attire, and helping people feel 100% their best for a special event. It did help me realize that styling people for special events fed into my creativity. Through my styling I realized there was a problem in the footwear industry. I would always find shoes that I liked but there would be one thing wrong with them, either the color, fabric, a design component, something. This was the creation of my first business idea, SanyahRose Shoe Company. The concept was to create shoes that came in three main dyeable fabrics (leather, silk, suede), designed with removable components to create an affordable customizable shoes. (we still sell them to this day... check them out HERE)

Over the next 4.5 years I had gone and come back from my two military deployments, bought a house, and had a cute lil boyfriend that was pretty smart so I kept him around. October of that year, that cute smart boyfriend asked me to be his wife. We were engaged and that was the beginning of NAK Design Studio. I knew I wanted something different for my wedding, but I could not find it, so I created it. Now here we are creating and curating for all the other women out there that also want that "Something Different" for their wedding.