About Us

About Me

Nichole Kenner Harris

Founder & Creative Director

Hello there darling. I am Nichole Kenner Harris Founder and Creative Director of NAK Design Studio. I am on a God given assignment to build a Design Studio that carries various private label brands and carefully curated pieces that will create elegant and stylish bridal looks for the fashion forward bride. Our bridal products and styling services puts a modern twist to the traditional wedding industry.

My vision started for NAK Design Studio with SanyahRose as a single product line for women's formal wear high heel shoes. My passion grew for formal wear as I prepared for my own wedding. I noticed a problem in the wedding industry that NAK Design Studio could help solve. One of the biggest problems I found was the lack of representation of minority wedding vendors and lack of multi-functional garments. My goal is to help solve both of these issues with NAK Design Studio. We will strives to be a leading wedding vendor focusing on all things design & style. 



About Our Brands


Women's Bridal Attire & Jumpsuits

Our first brand, SanyahRose, is a women's garment and footwear brand. SanyahRose will produce a collection of signature items such as  Bridal Jumpsuits and Semi-customizable Bridal Shoes. Our products are designed to give the bride options.

All of our shoes come in three different white dyeable fabrics: white leather, white silk satin, and white microfiber. Each design has a removable component that adds to the multi-function characteristics our designs. The RosaLee Sandal, although beautiful in it's original state, has three decorative removable roses aligned down its T-strap. RosaLee can be worn decorated in roses or simply as a T-strap sandal that can be worn beyond the wedding day.